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October 9, 2012

Today we re-connected to the world of public meetings of The Lake Tahoe Basin in lieu of the Scenic Corridor Project on Highway 28.  

Please Get involved:

October 10, 2012


The Official Website of The Tahoe Wayfinder™ & The Tahoe Foundation® is now complete and published on the world wide web! 

Check it out!!

We will have links to the past place holder site for, a sitar site and musician who has kept the tradition of East Indian music alive for world heritage.. thank you to those who allowed us to utilize his wonderful music and site as a place holder for us, while we got our act together....

Hopefully we can bridge the beautiful worlds of Indian music, between our newest largest population of East Indians in Placer county with the ancient Native singer(s) of western America to honor the role world music plays in heritage and traditions.

In the meantime, build the virtual bridge yourselves by checking out the biography of Irmrat Khan on this link:

as well as see Art George of the Tahoe based Ancient Washo singing on this You Tube
"Shakespeare Prayer Intent video":

October 11, 2012

We have officially begun a dialogue with The Nevada Native Plant Society to come to the table at the Tahoe Transportation District Discussion regarding the Scenic Highway 28 Discussion. 

Native Plants are the key to helping us all stay out of the weeds!

It came to my attention there is some confusion about who we are and others...

To clear up any confusion....

At Tuesday's TTD hosted meeting as well as through some Linked In emails I have been alerted that there is some confusion happening where folks are thinking we are The Tahoe Fund, The Parasol, or The Incline Tahoe Foundation.

To address this confusion, we have updated and fine tuned our website-- where now,  at the top of our page and under our banner we have had to post that WE ARE NOT NOR EVER HAVE BEEN AFFILIATED WITH:
The Tahoe Fund.
The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation.
The Incline Tahoe Foundation.

So, if you or anyone you know has ever made a donation to any of these folks thinking those organizations were affiliated with our ever were us,

DO NOT BE MISTAKEN, we are not them, have never been them, and please let us know as soon as possible.

For the record:

While we hope at some point to work with all of these wonderful organizations (The Parasol, Tahoe Fund, and Incline Tahoe)  TO DATE--WE HAVE NOT...


When we began the founding of ourselves in 2006, The Parasol, was "The Parasol Foundation".

The Incline Tahoe Foundation, as far as I know,  founded itself in the last couple of years, and while their You Tube Video cover and their Trails project with IVGID, and preservation agenda resembles what we are doing...again theyARE NOT US, and THOSE PROJECTS ARE NOT OURS.

The Tahoe Fund, which apparently was formed recently.  I know very little about, and am just learning about these folks.  We have not benefited from them, received any grants etc. from them, YET. (To clear up any confusion)

We DID include in our meeting minutes and did a printing of a draft membership card/last year which called out our intent to begin to have a designated  Tahoe F(o)und™, where monies and a donor advised fund might begin, but now, since there is an entity called the Tahoe Fund, We will not- to avoid any further confusion.

Hopefully, we can all work together at some point, but in the mean time we hope none of you are our similar names or their projects which do indeed resemble ours!
We hope we we have inspired them!

In the meantime, if you want to see  

who inspires us.. 

Such as, the TNTTMA, visit our website and follow the links through the education page, and our mentors... to find a link to them directly go to:

They, The Truckee North Tahoe Transportation Management Association were the beginning of true preservation of the lake.

Some history, they were responsible for hosting the first AIA SDAT report:
(American Institute of Architects- Sustainable Design Asseesment Team) report some fifteen years ago.....we will post the findings on our website they have been hosting meetings to coordinate and provide transit to help us offset vehicle miles traveled for years on the north help eliminate particulate impacting the lake.

The TNTMA with the partnerships they began is truly the mother ship of this new movement in Tahoe's preservation! Thank you Jan Colyer and Steve Teshera (who is also doing a wayfinding project for cars-vehicles, and DID inspire ours!)  and the rest of you who on the TNTTMA Board who continue to serve us as residents through The TNTMA's onging work, and successful outreach.

Thanks for tuning into our blog..