Friday, October 4, 2013

NICK's Interns: The TAHOE Foundation is Learning about Internships from the Mattole Restoration Council

This Summer folks from The Tahoe Foundation experienced Nick's Intern's a Native Grass and Watershed Restoration Program on the Coast of California.  A regular volunteer at The Tahoe Foundation and junior from Incline High School, wanted to learn about counting fish, watershed restoration and the collection of Native Grass seed in California in order to bring similar programs to other areas including Lake Tahoe. The internships are awarded to High School Students, thanks to the Bureau of Land Management, The Mattole Restoration Council,  and philanthropists from Humboldt County California who all work together to make this program happen! Local to Humboldt County, were Interns Norberto Olavarria a recent graduate from South Fork High and Kate Fatseas presently enrolled in Petrolia High School pictured below. The reports you see featured were authored by the interns.

We hope to continue this effort by facilitating fundraising efforts and an exhibition at the County and state Fairs in 2014 with the Future Farmers of America-Ferndale Chapter, Ferndale High School,  and folks from the Mattole Restoration Council program, Nick's Interns.The interns with the help of their Intern Leader Hugh McGee and others at the MRC hope to be able to cultivate the native grass seed into plugs at the Ferndale High School Green House which will then be planted in the Salt River Restoration effort- an important heritage corridor in the Humboldt County region.

The Tahoe Foundation would like to thank all of those who are helping us learn about this,  including the Mattole Restoration Council, Nick's Interns Hugh McGee, Unity Peterson, Monica Scholey,  The Future Farmers of America Ferndale Chapter, Ferndale High School Agricultural Department's teacher Mr. Smith, DCI for building the greenhouse at Ferndale High School and Cream City Investments.

Kate Fatseas collecting Native Grass Seed 

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Tahoe Foundation Volunteer and Nick's Intern, Z. M. Profant working with Dylan, from the 
California Conservation Corps !
Zosine, Kate,  & Norberto Nick's Petrolia Interns 2013!