Thursday, June 6, 2013

Peter Profant Comments on the Importance of the role of Scientific Illustration in the KTHO Interview

Interview on our website, scroll down to find itToday on the KTHO interview with Robert Schimmel Peter Profant commented on the role of scientific illustration as relates to the life cycles of animals and plants and its superiority to the photograph.

American Bungalow Issue No. 73 just Arrived US Post sent from Bob Bailey PhD USFS Author Extraordinaire...

Spring 2012 American Bunglaow published Eco-Regions Pioneer Robert Bailey PhD of the US Forest Service... He was the man behind the Bailey Assessment System which informed the I P E S Score as evolved out of the USDA Forest Service Public Law 96-586 US Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit under I- The Purpose and Need for the Action....where:

          A New System for identifying the tolerance of small parcels of land for building homes
          has been created. This was the result of concerns for the accuracy of the "Land Capability
          Classification for the Lake Tahoe Basin, California-Nevada, A Guide For Planning",
          developed by Dr. Robert Bailey in 1974 (Bailey Report).  As one of the issues tackled
          to resolve a lawsuit emanating from the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's Regional Plan for
          The Lake Tahoe Basin, the Individual Evaluating System (IPES) was conceived..

Approved by Robert Harris Forest Supervisor March 13, 1989...

This was a landmark event meant to curbthe idea that a large architectural residential footprint in the Basin.. would ever be allowed...

We will comment on this in our first issue of Tahoe Found™- A Print Journal scheduled to come out in the fall of this year..where we will begin to celebrate and acknowledge the history and culture of the Tahoe Residential Vernacular being underscored by structures which are humble- small....attempt to disappear...


Tune in to KTHO Today at 5:00PM Lake Tahoe Art Scene's Robert Schimmel is Interviewing members of the Board!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

KTHO will Feature an Interview with The Tahoe Foundation

KTHO Art Scene  hosted by Robert Schimmel will feature an interview with Directors of the Tahoe Foundation this month.. We will post the day and time of broadcast soon! 

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